Saturday, March 17, 2012


It’s a wonderful thing – authenticity! Many speak about it; few practice it. Maybe this is because most of our lives we have been told to fit in. 

Take my child who is somewhat of a free spirit with massive imagination and personality to match. Even the school system is pushing to conform to the daily grind with little patience for own personalities. 

So how can we expect authenticity when individuality has been challenged throughout our whole life?

Yet it is this quality that is so vital to creating a successful and unique business model with the real prospect of being remarkable. Few are finding the courage to truly ‘step out’ of mainstream thinking and expectations. Rather they’d replicate what is already offered in case they are too far out from conforming to what the industry has come to expect.

I met with an incredible female entrepreneur this week and she is the living truth of what I have outlined above. She has been in the financial industry for two decades and has already started, grown and sold one successful business. As she is in the process of starting her new company, this time she would like to challenge the old paradigm.

After going through her passionate vision coupled with her extensive experience, she is still questioning if she should dare to go through with doing it ‘her way’. She has studied the industry extensively in her specific line of business and knows there are some key things that simply aren’t working well. So guess what I told her?  ‘Allow yourself to BE AUTHENTIC in creating the business you WANT. It will be this uniqueness that will be your greatest asset!’

The most successful businesses have challenged the old paradigm to create a new future. Now you have the choice – fit in with mainstream or


So, AMD, are you ready to challenge the old to shape the new?
Dare to be authentic!

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