Thursday, July 29, 2010


You are going to love this true, little story that highlights so well, how perseverance gets results. So read on and enjoy:

We went on a camping trip with a bunch of friends last weekend including all of our kids. Among us where 5 teenagers around 15 and 16 years old - very tough crowd! My 7 year old son wanted to play a game of ‘hide-and-seek-tag’ and approached the youths who had gathered around the fire pit, bored out of their minds, to entice them of joining him to play.

Standing in front of the first boy he asked:” Cam, do you want to play a game of h-a-s-t?” With the reply of ‘no thanks’ from Cam. So my son moved on to the next boy, standing in front of him, he again posed the question. He got another straight ‘No’. Moving on to the third guy, my son asked again:” Do you fancy playing a game of h-a-s-t?”

And yes, you guessed right. He had the next ‘No, not now.” answer. Anyone in their right mind would have given up by now, but my son was relentless:” Hey Jordie, lets play a game of h-a-s-t!” Unfortunately Jordie did not want to play, either. So with only Mitch to go, he went and stood in front of him and pleased:” Come on, Mitch. Are you up for playing h-a-s-t?” and there....finally! Mitch replied:” OK, but only if the others will play!”

So my little guy started from the beginning:” Hey, Cam! Do you want to play, Mitch will, if you do?” And so Cam was on board. Then the others were also persuaded one by one, until all of them joined in!

I watched this little scene unfold and could not help but smile to myself. What a great result. First none, then all! What I really loved was the fact that my son was undeterred by the ‘no’s’ he got, never dropping his enthusiastic, unshakable belief that if only he asked often enough, he would finally get a ‘yes’. Focussing on getting to the answer he wanted, rather than worrying about the ones he received!

To me this is the best parable to bring into our working world! Keep on searching for the ‘yes’s’ because you know, they are out there. You just have to stay positive, committed and believing enough to find them.

Happy Businessing!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


One of the key reasons why new clients come to me for advice is their lack of financial return from their business ventures.
This could be due to a number of challenges:
  • They don't know their markets
  • Insecure about their value
  • Difficulty of finding opportunities
  • Difficulty of closing opportunities
  • Lack of clarity & consistency
One should think that bringing in the money would be pretty straight forward. You've got or created a great product or service, you put the word out a little and people 'break your door down' to experience what you have to offer.
These new customers are now so delighted that they gladly pay you straight away and even leave you with a little extra to show their appreciation.

But by now you had to realize that this is more the making of a modern day fairy tale rather then reality! In your desperation you buy a business book to get some ideas. Or you are thinking that you must be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. Maybe if you had a better website or you invested more time into getting on with a well devised Social Media Strategy, this will be the missing ingredient.

I can assure you that those are not the primary reasons why the cash isn't flowing. Working harder isn't it either!

I want you to consider these questions:
1.) Who will benefit the most from your offering and I mean, truly, really needs it?
2.) How are you going about engaging with those markets?
3.) How are you making it compelling for them to buy?
4.) Do you understand your strengths in the sales cycle?
5.) How are you addressing any weak points?
6.) How consistent are you in engaing with your markets?
7.) Does your financial expectations match your effort?
8.) Are you recogninzing the current achievements or are you continuously focused on chasing the next big deal?

A lot can be identified and clarified in a few simple steps that will finally help you start to get the cash flow going. And once it flows, you will amazed how it just keeps on coming!

Happy businessing!