Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yes, I have just suggested it. The unthinkable, the irresponsible suggestion to take a break. Properly. Not just a tea break. Or a run! But some time out, away from the family and maybe even for a few days.

Not with a friend or a relative. Just you. Away from it all.

As women in business we are supposed to have very clear goals, the ultimate path to eternal happiness, health and success. Knowing exactly what we want, when we should have it and how to obtain it.

This applies of course to our professional as well as our personal lives. Many clients come to me with the same challenge: How do I know what goals I should set for myself that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely) and run a smooth family life with household, husband and happy kids?

There is one very obvious response to this. STOP! Just for a while. So that you may sit down with a calm and empty mind, no chores or appointments to worry about and no improvised emergencies to attend to. Quietness, to listen inside of yourself.

As the new generation of SuperWomen, the only way you can get clear on who you truly want to be and what you want to create in your lifetime, is by allowing yourself time to figure things out.

And this can not be done as you are rushing to a meeting or putting on a quick load of laundry before picking up the kids from school. Therefore a trip away, just you, yourself and maybe a nice new notebook is necessary.

I can already hear your reply:

“Whatever is Conny thinking? This is completely unrealistic and impossible to even suggest! I have a family who wouldn’t be able to cope without me or even have the funds to go away anywhere. Besides there is just too much to do and I am not making enough money right now to afford any time off!”

Rubbish! If you can spend $500 in a weekend on home improvements or ‘essential’ entertainment equipment, you can easily justify spending this money on you. Claiming some much deserved YOU time, resting, re-energizing and planning.
By the time you come back, you'll be ready to implement the goals you have now been able to hear slumbering inside of you because you took the time to listen!   
To us!