Monday, October 25, 2010


A very common challenge among business entrepreneurs is the ability to have a very clear focus on what they are specializing in. Many times I have met with business owners who run a company alongside seemingly unrelated sideline offerings.

For example, a personal coach providing budgeting services, a child toy retailer offering hosting & design services for e-commerce sites, a HR consultant offering social media training  and so the list goes on.

It is almost as if the entrepreneur is not fully convinced of their own ability to make the one business model work, therefore wanting to keep other options of potential revenue streams open. Or having to choose and then commit to just one model, they might be concerned of missing out on opportunities, they know they could also deliver and get paid for.

Whatever the reasons, running with a number of unconnected options simultaneously will put an entrepreneur into a tailspin, weakening their power to succeed by not focusing all their attention and impact on one business model.

The companies that grow rapidly and reap the most rewards are the ones with a very clear understanding of their core products and services, knowing exactly which markets they are specializing in.
Once they have created significant market share, they then consider expanding their offerings into existing channels with complementary solutions to the core or broaden the markets they are targeting. Either way it is always with a very clear focus on just the one business model.

For moms in business this is even more important as the demands on your time are already divided between family and business commitments. Therefore trust my recommendation of choosing just one business model that you love and want to grow. Target a minimum of two markets and a maximum of three at a time. Ensure you stick to a specialist selection of core products and services until you have created the market share you need and want.

And then..., watch how your clarity turns into prosperity!

With this wishing you all the best until next time,
Conny Millard

Friday, October 1, 2010


How often do you take the time to really research products or services you are about to chose for yourself, your family or your business? Are you typically led by a) gut feeling, b) someone’s recommendation or c) by marketing messages?

And does the significance of the purchase impact the thoroughness or the time you spend, to look into your options in greater depth? Have I got you thinking yet?

I have just conducted a search for my very own business adviser knowing how powerful and driven objectivity, strategy and accountability can be! Everyone who is determined to really achieve great things, will need a mentor or adviser by their side, me included.

In the past, I have had a couple of different coaches who came to me through recommendations. I respected the people who connected me up with them and therefore felt that it had to work. Big mistake!

Not only is each individual ‘business’, or ‘life’, or ‘both’ coach fundamentally different in terms of experience, expertise and market knowledge but also their methodologies differ greatly. So going by someone else's recommendation might not work out very well as they are dealing with their own challenges, looking for a great fit that suits them.

Considering to rely on marketing messages is equally difficult. Business advisers are like great school teachers. Depending on your learning style and personality preferences, you will like a certain PERSON rather then the entire establishment. Therefore the marketing materials promoting certain methodologies or tools are irrelevant as it really comes down to the individual who delivers the content.

This leaves going by gut feeling! Now the only way you are going to be able to make the right decision on the best partner to create your financial and personal wealth, is if you are happy to be very thorough in your research of the options that are open to you. There is no quick fix or make do attitude that will find you the perfect individual with the right tools, the most relevant expertise and a nicely gelling personality.

If you have decided that you really want to achieve great things and you are committed to investing into the necessary indulgence of an adviser, then you can not cut any corners!

Be very clear from the outset what you need and what you are looking for, then take your time to thoroughly research your options and give many advisers the opportunity of introducing themselves and their practices. And then....listen to your heart! It will tell you instinctively what will be the best fit for you.

So, GET CLEAR, RESEARCH WELL and then, GET GOING! See you at the start line.