Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Despite a wide array of books and courses on the subject of good communications, people are still struggling to communicate well within their personal and professional lives.

With the festive season fast approaching, this time of year can prove to be challenging if high expectations of spending quality time with loved ones are not met due to miscommunication which can lead to possible arguments.
Maybe higher stress levels due to increased workloads and fast approaching deadlines at the office have caused a break-down in communications among colleagues. Sounds all far too familiar?

Many books and courses have been created around the subject that one should think we are all masters in effective communication by now. Yet so much more work needs to be done. We all find ourselves daily in the midst of written and verbal conversations, trying to read and understand situations and then respond appropriately.

Sometimes these conversations start out harmlessly and seemingly basic in content. Suddenly one thing happens and a situation can escalate to the extreme. No more!  We all want to get along nicely and put our energies into the things that really matter. So how can you avoid disappointments or misunderstandings caused by communicating with others?

A really crucial part is to think before you speak and double think before you put something in writing. So much damage could be prevented if more people gave proper consideration to the power of the word. Therefore start with yourself and stop, consider and then speak with the right intent. A point can be made in many ways, but it is your choice of HOW you are going to make it.

Avoid to assume anything. Ensure you ask and check instead of making false assumptions. I am sure you can remember a situation that you have ‘misread’ due to not properly investigating but simply assuming. This can have a detrimental effect on you and your relationships with others. Therefore make it your mission to ALWAYS get the facts before reacting.

And last but certainly not least, never take anything personally. This is a tough request that will save you from much unnecessary heartache. Situations and people’s actions are self conditioned and not due to anything to do with you. So stop searching for a self defined reason, accept the situation for what it is and move on. If you ALLOW yourself not to take anything personally, you will be free.

Take those key lessons with you into the festive season and practice them on your loved ones. I trust you will find that this year, misunderstandings will simply not develop because you are practicing the mastery of good communication. Then take this with you into the New Year as you go back to work. If you think before you speak, assume nothing and don’t take anything personally, your 2011 will be blessed.

A peaceful Christmas & a prosperous New Year,
See you then,