Monday, April 19, 2010


In a recent survey, business women were identified as powerful individuals that could wipe the floor with their male counterparts if only they stopped trying to improve their own efficiencies as a way to improve their business success.

Women will continuously streamline their own processes, get trained and educated on whatever subject they are not very confident in, in order to increase the growth of their business.

As women, mothers and partners we have always had to be very resourceful within ourselves. This has been elementary in providing for and fulfilling all tasks demanded by our personal stakeholders. Naturally we are trying to replicate this mind set into our professional environments and this is where our male counterparts outsmart us.

They in turn have been ‘trained’ to use other people’s resouces and are happy to pass on all or any part of their workload if it helps them get rid of pile-on work tasks that keep them from focusing on immediate results.

This is the main reason why men are getting ahead in business quicker then women.  Men are naturally inclined to let others take care of areas they don’t enjoy or have no competency in. All the important tasks are taken care off while they can focus on their own areas of strength and passion.

So my fellow women preneurs, it is time to break the mold! Passing on part of your business processes to a qualified third party will free yourself, to bring in the BIG money. When it comes to business, you need to be selflessly selfish! Concentrate on your strength and fill the voids by collaborating with professionals who will get the job done in half the time, leaving you to do what you are great at.

This is the true meaning of efficiency!

Letting go isn’t a sign of weakness but proof of clever, savvy business sense. So go on girls, it’s time to quit playing small and start acting big.

Happy Businessing!

Friday, April 2, 2010


It drives me insane when I listen to business owners complaining how sales are down and how the bad economy makes it impossible to stay profitable. Yet I continue to witness cringingly how tens of thousands of dollars in revenue potential are passed by due to pure negligence, lack of training and/ or urgency by the sales force!

I want to share with you three real life examples of ‘The Sudden Business Death Syndrome’ that I have experienced only in the last two weeks. Bad salesmanship, no follow up, terrible listening skills and massive waste of company marketing dollars have been the cause for major loss of business opportunities.

Example 1.)
Lack of Motivation
A customer visited a new Toyota showroom in town to purchase a $25,000 truck. With an immediate need to purchase a vehicle, he met the sales person who referred him to their website instead.  The sales person did not take any details from the customer or spend adequate time to understand the exact needs, budget and timeframe the customer was looking for.

Well guess what? The customer went to Ford the following weekend and purchased a $30,000 truck because there the sales guy was helpful, considered and found what the customer needed. Toyota’s loss of an easy $30,000 revenue!

Example 2.)
Bad Training
At a trade show, a customer visits a potential supplier booth to explore the possible expansion of their services. The sales person at the booth launches into a fully fledged 20 minute spiel on products and company overview without once asking the visitor what her business is, what she is looking for or see how their portfolio would match to suit.

Again the sales person did not take down details or make arrangements to meet again. Instead he alienated the customer, wasted her time and lost massive revenue potential for a possible new sales channel. Order value approx. $15,000 per month!

Example 3.)
No Follow-up
A company looking to find the perfect promotional item, finally sees exactly what they have been searching for. Handmade ware from Italy that could be personalized with the company logo and details.

The shop assistant takes the business card and does a great job selling the concept and design to the customer. Two weeks after the meeting, the customer still has not been contacted to finalize their order and have now found an alternative due to the lack of follow up by the shop assistant. Initial order value approximately $5000!

It is not bad economic times that are causing businesses to hurt financially but the inability and complacency to close each sales opportunity as it presents itself. Therefore read & learn and get a tight handle on your sales process, regardless if you are a big company or a sole proprietor. With the right attitude there is tons of money to be made.

Happy Businessing!