Friday, March 19, 2010


Do you sympathize when I tell you, that every once in a while I have a V8 moment? This is what I call it, when I did not do the obvious and it comes to bite me in the butt.

To give you an example, whenever I have a new connection and I arrange to meet with them, their contact details go directly into my Blackberry. Makes perfect sense, right? And every so often, I get busy or distracted and forget to update my phone with people that I am scheduled to meet.

Guess what happens when I urgently need to get hold of them to change our arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances? That’s right, I scramble! Now I am late and flustered and giving the wrong impression! It already puts me at a disadvantage which could have been so easily prevented if only I had done the right thing which would have taken no time at all.

This is when I have to hit my forehead as they do on the advert! How could I be so careless and not even check before I left the office?

It comes to show that having processes and systems in place and sticking to them religiously, will eliminate those horrible V8 situations! So why do we do it? Why do we set ourselves up for the self instigated sabotage?

It seems pretty silly that we know what works best, it has been proven, yet we are still not compeletely committed sticking to the process?

So I put it to you - lets reveal our V8 moments publically so that we may never default but stick to the things we know work so well! No more sabotage, no more excuses!

I want you to come forward with your V8 moment! Email me and I will provide you with the absolution to let go of past examples of bad behavior and promote the new and reformed YOU!

Jointly lets eliminate V8’s for a stress free better business future!

Happy Businessing!

Monday, March 1, 2010


In my career I have the opportunity to attend lots of events with a variety of speakers. It is always most surprising to observe, how few presenters are truly messmerizing and how even the most exciting topic gets boring, when it is badly prepared and never rehearsed.

Typically people pay good money to hear a specialist talk on a topic in order to educate themselves and deepen their knowledge on a subject matter. Courses, seminars, webinars and workshops, there are plenty of well paid speakers trying to deliver content, to expand the horizon of professionals. 

So how come that the quality of the delivery is so often very questionable and frustrating to the audience? I suppose this is a two folded answer:
1.) The presenter is highly qualified and technically minded but lacks the ability to speak at a normal level
2.) The presentation has been badly prepared, without a clearly defined path or objective and possibly never rehearsed. And yes, it shows!  It can be annoying to the audience and discredits the individual almost immediately.

In the first instance, you somehow can’t blame the speaker. However perhaps the question should be raised to the organizer for ensuring good quality content and delivery beforehand.

In the second instance I can think of a number of reasons why the presentation was not adequately prepared - lack of time, procrastination, maybe even due to lack of self confidence and/or lack of topic knowledge. Whatever the reason the speaker will allianate their audience and potentially damage their reputation.

The lesson to be learned here is simple. Get prepared! And this does not just apply to public speakers or lecturers but to all entrepreneurs as well.

Don’t leave it up to chance to deliver a strong message. Think well in advance about what you want to get across and than rehearse this with objective professionals to get it just right. Practice until it becomes embedded into your mind and feels like the powerful reality that you deliver. Now, enjoy how your audience will hang on your every word.

Suddenly your value can not be measured in dollars!