Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here I am as an uptight European runaway who is lucky enough to call the gorgeous West Coast her home. Many things run differently in these parts and it does include the business environment. 
So I had to learn to adjust to new cultures including how companies are run and operated. However, there is one differentiation I have to seriously question. The importance of the Power Suit. In Europe - a must; on the West Coast - an option. So if you are the stiff from Europe or the chill from Canada, lets look at the importance of the business attire.

During my corporate career I was responsible for sales & marketing management of three different countries in a highly competitive, male dominated environment, closing on average $500k-$1m in new business through one deal. Presentations at CEO and board level, meeting with large key accounts and industry giants, it kind of set the tone of importance for representing my company as a reliable and professional provider worthy of partnerships worth millions with even the biggest of leaders.

These connections never visited my office or our manufacturing plant. They bought on carefully build trust and confidence developed through a relationship with individual representatives of our organization, me included.

You can already see where this is leading. If I had turned up in corduroy comfies and a favorite t-shirt, somehow I can’t see that they would have entrusted me with their business. Although I would have still been the same individual representing the same high quality product. My appearance had a huge impact on their ability to trust our company to take the business relationship seriously and to deliver on a promise they could depend on. In fact I became part of that promise.

In addition by dressing in a professional business attire, in my case a two piece suit with a carefully pressed shirt, I felt empowered and positive, knowing that I made an impeccable first impression, understanding the importance of professional representation and setting of expectations.

Let’s put this on the map! As a Sales Director for a corporate organization you would naturally dress accordingly. So as a Company Owner and main representative of your business, isn’t it even more crucial to stand out by making the best impression and create trust with new prospects, oozing competence simply by wearing a suit? Remember, you are creating first impressions, building a reputation, representing a reliable brand and wooing new connections with an impeccable professional aura.

Imagine yourself dressed in that suit, feeling empowered during any size deal negotiations, commanding respect and knowing your connections feel instantaneously assured that you can deliver.

Maybe I still am an uptight European that needs to learn to chill but when it comes to setting a powerful expectation and a reliable lasting impression, the same rules apply across the nations. So don’t leave anything to chance and dress 4 success.

Let the competition be comfy and you be rich!
Power to you & the suit :)