Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Have you ever heard of the saying:” You become the company that you keep”? Thinking back to our parents, they understood the importance of surrounding their children with the right friends for the right influence and were determined to watch over us ensuring we made the right choices. Strange how what was important then, is also most crucial now.  For business entrepreneurs this is especially true!

As entrepreneurs creating a powerful network of like minded individuals who can help excel prosperity, is one of the most key parts of creating success. Many of us have read about it or have watched people with same abilities and knowledge greatly surpass others of a similar composition, wondering how they have managed to get that much further ahead than the others. Yes, I know. It’s starting to dawn on you now, isn’t it?! That’s right. It is because they are the ones with the more powerful network that gives them the leverage to grow much, much faster.

I think in one of my more recent blogs I mentioned how your network equals your net-worth. It is just not enough to be a self believing, motivated, ambitious, educated and knowledgable individual who is the very best in their field. Without top quality people   and a top quality network, your business will at best ever only be mediocre.

When considering where and how to invest your time most effectively, concentrating on the development of a sterling professional network has to be your number one tactic of business development. This is not an easy task and will not easily be met by simply running from networking event to networking event.

Be strategic about your attendance at the right events only. Consider splashing out regularly on a $125 ticket to a gala event with top business people and high quality guest speakers as a better investment of your time and money with potentially greater returns, then cheaper alternatives. The connections you will make in those circles may just be the ticket to the successful company you are striving to build.

Now sticking with the theme of old sayings, I would like to finish off with one of my dad’s favorites:” It is not about what you know but who you know!”. As an entrepreneur himself, he handed down his knowledge about the importance of a powerful professional network to get where you want to be, and fast.

Now I am happy to share my ‘heirloom’ and remind you of this simple truth. So look around you. If you still do not have the opportunities you know you are able and willing to embrace, maybe it’s time to expand your network. Just make sure it is with the right people with the right influence!

Yours in business & life,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Busy, busy, busy - aren’t we all always busy? In fact we are so busy, we literally can’t hear ourselves think anymore! Then how can we try to determine a professional path based on our goals reflecting our most deeply founded needs? Without the ability to listen to ourselves because life has become overwhelmingly noisy, there is only one place to go. Nowhere! 
But wait. There is hope. Let me share:

Every time I start working with a new client, within a very short period of time, they start to make sense of their business model, gaining clarity around exactly what they want and how they are going to get it. Powerful stuff! For them, I am a miracle worker and although granted, I bring a lot of experience to the table, it is they who discover what they are truly meant to be doing.

For all the wisdom is already right there, locked up inside of them, buried under responsibilities, expectations and outside demands. By working together, it allows them to stop in their daily routine and take some time to seriously focus on their intentions. This unlocks the deeper knowledge they hold within themselves. By having an objective and experienced professional alongside, they quickly turn into reality, what they want once identified under the mental ‘clutter’.

I call this the Business of Zen. In the dictionary Zen is described as a meditative state  for emphasis of experiential wisdom that assists in the attainment of enlightenment. In other words by carefully listening to the inner self, one will find the answer.

I expect many of you who are reading this will sympathize with the difficulty of clearly identifying a straight forward path for their business or even the target of what you are aiming for. It does not have to be this way. You can very easily determine the next steps, if you take some quiet, reflective time. This can be with or without a mentor to help you get guided through.

Take as little as 10 minutes each day, to take time out for asking, listening and receiving. In business terms this is also known as planning! This may only allow you to plan out the day or maybe even the week however it will certainly allow you to ‘turn the eye inward’ for a strong connection with the wants and the why’s. If you need help with the how’s, you know where I am.

So if you have started another year with not moving forward and getting nowhere, regularly stop the busyness and listening to the inner you. I welcome you to practice the Business of Zen starting today. For it will bring you focus, happiness and abundant prosperity.

Yours in business & life,