Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am not sure if I should even write about the ‘F’ word this week as it might lower the tone and won’t give you the same upbeat feeling like my usual blog posts do.  However I think we are among like minded individuals and should be able to be frank and honest about important things that have a high impact on our success. So taking a closer look at the Entrepreneurial Fear is essential to identify it, acknowledge it and then GIVE IT NO MORE FURTHER ATTENTION! Do you sometimes share the uneasy feeling in the pit of your tummy? Then read on!

How often are you experiencing situations where you would like to act or apply yourself  simply to find that fear is holding you back? Or maybe you are on the brink of great success but don’t want to take the next step, in fear of loosing or jeopardizing what you’ve already got?

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs might be enduring the churning feeling in their tummy due to some form of fear that they are possibly:
  • Not doing enough
  • Not knowing enough
  • Not keeping up with the competition
  • Not making enough money
  • Not managing to balance life & work properly

Any of these thoughts create anxiety and might even be paralyzing for a concerned entrepreneur. This can have devastating consequences, like not moving forward, not capitalizing on obvious opportunities and frustration with oneself, possibly with looming self defeat. Gives you a knotted feeling just reading it, doesn’t it?

Fact is, all of this is in your own mind, only! And should any of the above be true, well guess what? You can do something about it. If you really feel that you aren’t doing enough, look at how you can take control of your time management to get more goal orientated actions done. Or if you are not making enough money, well firstly define what is enough and if you do see a shortfall, create extra revenue streams, cut out inflated expenses and get hunting for some more business.

It is exciting to think that if you stop paying attention to the “F” word and start actioning, you will feel a whole lot better.

Now we have only touched on fear as a negative. There is a positive to it as well (see, you knew I would get to this part)! Fear can be a powerful motivator to drive you above and beyond anything you ever dreamt possible. Typically this is pretty serious in the beginning because it is generated through a desperate situation.

To highlight let me briefly share the story of female client who had been running a message therapist clinic. She had her business for a number of years but didn’t really make the money that she could. She was too scared to go out and find new clients! When her little son got critically ill and she did not have enough financial resources to take time out to be with her little boy, it jolted her into a whole new level of action. She overcame her fear of selling, as the fear of not having the financial freedom in the future superseded, accelerating her to one of the top massage therapist clinics in her region.

I want you to know that it does not take something as core shaking as that, to finally  commit to overcoming your fears. It is as simple as a shift in mind! Next time the tummy starts churning, acknowledge & do it anyway! Let’s stop paying attention to the entrepreneurial “F” word and make it a thing of the past!

He can, she can, YOU can!
And you know it :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


Interestingly you can see things objectively for others but when it comes to your own path, the best way does not seem quite so clear. You find yourself with the right level of ambition, committed to wanting to do really well, but have lost sight of how to take the quickest and easiest route there. So I have to ask you: “Why are you still going it the hard way instead of asking for directions?”

I have recently met with a young and ambitious entrepreneur who has all the skills and drive to really make his mark in the world of business. He had requested a strategy session to help him consolidate his business plan and wanted some pointers to ensure he would secure the cash injection of $100k that he needed to get his new business venture off the ground. As a new connection I needed to understand his motivations and intentions.

With plenty of probing, I firstly wanted to test his commitment level to the venture. If you are going to get financing, you’d better be in the new business with both feet firmly planted within and total commitment to your creditors.

We went through his anticipated revenue projections which he wasn’t sure off. And whilst we discussed markets, operations and HR needs, I think he started to grasp the magnitude of what he was about to commit to and how little he really knew. He hoped that his passion was going to guide him through.

In my practice I look for the easiest, most quickest route to profits and with that in mind we took another look at the business model and came up with an ingenious idea that will allow him to make up to $150k in the first year and then add his new business idea as a second revenue stream rather than setting up an entire new business around it. This way he can heavily leverage what is already there without having to refinance, cash-in on existing easy money which in turn will be partially invested into developing the new idea alongside it.

By the time we finished strategizing, he could not believe that he had not thought of this himself and had not been able to see what was so ‘clearly’ the easy route with minimal risk and optimal financial returns.

Now do you sometimes feel that easy does not come easy? Are your spinning your wheels not really getting where you want? Or only with the most tremendous effort? Business should not feel this way and if it does, chances are that you are potentially overcomplicating instead of taking the easy route.

If this is you, it’s time to change what you are doing. Of course you could just continue as has been and get more and more frustrated always on the brink of questioning why you are doing what you do. Or you can just simply decide it is time to get directions to save you from doing more than you need and receiving all that you want.

Take it from the man, who has now seen the Power of Easy. When YOU are ready to cut out the diversions, I look forward to having the conversation!

Yours in Business & Life,