Friday, May 28, 2010


I have just had the experience of a life coaching session with a new connection in Geneva. And it is funny how, when the tables are turned, one can get a feeling first hand of what it is like to receive rather than to share.

Strangely I was really kind of nervous to start with and found myself a little uneasy and unsure of what to expect. Once we dived into it, I felt indulgent to spend the time on myself and to be speaking to a stranger about my thoughts, successes and challenges. To a stranger?!

Whilst we were going through her routine, I realized how daunting my prospects must feel, when they meet me for the very first time; excited and curious, yet a little dubious about what they should be preparing perhaps and what they might get out of it at the end. A little anxious even about what may be uncovered...

I had entered the conversation with an open mind and eventually was blown away by the impact it had on my emotions as well as the realization of true clarity for my personal and professional  ambitions.

We set some homework to get going on next steps after a blissful hour of someone’s undivided attention to hash out a plan of how I can best go about achieving my goals. No judgments or expectations on her part.

Since the coaching session, I feel energized and ready to roll with nothing that can possibly stand in my way. So here I am, fully fueled and ready to rock!

Being able to put yourself in your customer’s position, will certainly help you to feel their desire and needs and maybe their insecurities about buying from you. With this insight, you can ensure you tailor your approach and service, to reflect your customer’s expectations and deliver peace of mind from the start.

Take the time and do the exercise. Replicate a customer experience to truly get to the bottom of what they want and then give it to them. Why would they ever want to shop anywhere else?

Thank you, Vanessa ( for giving me the customer’s perspective. I will hold this true in my heart and make sure, this lesson will be a valuable learning experience to better serve my clients.

Happy Weekend ;-)

Friday, May 14, 2010


Can you remember the last time you received some form of communication from either a personal or professional connection maybe even via email and you thought to yourself: “What is that suppose to mean? I am not sure, I like the tone or content and don’t know what to do with this...?”

Or maybe you have an unhappy client that you are trying to dodge because you are unsure of how to diffuse the situation and make them happy again? Or a prospect that you don’t know how to proceed to successfully close?

Lots of different type of scenarios all with the same underlying current. What is the best way to move forward and what should you be doing next?

So where do you go for enlightenment? Do you talk to your partner/ spouse or maybe a friend or family member? Or even a potential business connection? And what kind of feedback are you thinking you might get from a person that is either very close to you or knows little about you and your circumstances?

Being an entrepreneur one of the toughest things is figuring out every step of the way without anyone else in the same boat! Whilst in a corporate environment, you have plenty of relevant people to help you identify the next best move when it comes to business strategy.

Unfortunately this ‘luxury’ does not apply, once you start out on your own.

Retaining an objective vision of the facts can be tricky when it is you and only your own interpretation of circumstances and best next actions.

I have seen people acting emotionally, leaving themselves open to substantial damage that could have been prevented if only they had requested some objective, qualified third party input prior to reacting without considering all aspects of the wider effects.

Get savvy and save yourself from potentially initiating wrong measures or missed opportunities due to lack of objectivity or emotional interpretation. We know, we all need it and better have the right person by our side to provide us with the second sober thought.

Happy Businessing!
Yours, Conny