Wednesday, September 22, 2010


When was the last time you took some time out and indulged on a quiet, self finding journey all by yourself, very peaceful with the purpose of carefully discovering the inner you? Perfectly identifying your next steps, your own strengths and your personal and professional goals?

Well if you are like most people, you will not get much of a chance to claim this special time. Yet, without it, you continue on being very busy, emerged in day to day stuff and every now and then stopping to come up for a quick breath and realizing:” This is not the life I had envisioned for myself!” or “I feel stuck and unsure of my needs and wants!”

I know I am digging a little deep, here but I have just undergone the most self indulgent journey in the past three months. In the midst of my commitments, I had this AHA moment, that if I did not take the time to regroup, I could not identify or get to the place, I want to be!

I have now learnt that the only way we can deliver the results that we want, is by taking ourselves on that journey of discovery. However long and through whatever means, once you have taken it - you will be overwhelmed by the deep realization, clear vision and incredible energy that will be unleashed!

What does your intuition tell you? Do you have it all figured out? Or are you sharing the pain of fuzzy, even muddy vision? Then do something about it!

Let me share a quick story to highlight:
A very good and young friend of mine has been in business by herself for over two years. Although struggling with typical entrepreneurship, she decided to open a facility. Something she had always dreamt off even as a little girl. The first time I visited her, she had broken down! She felt, that she had taken on more than she could handle and felt trapped by her own decision.

Eventually the only think for her to do, was to take a trip away, by herself, to get some objectivity and clarity back into her life. When I went to see her again, she was simply radiant. Her order book was brimming, she had taken on 2 new members of staff and introduced three new profit models, making her money hand over fist. 
She now takes off two days in the week. When speaking with her about this unbelievable transformation, she just responded:” The time I took out was a true journey of discovery. Once I encouraged myself to listen to the inner me and become quiet enough that I could finally hear that low inner voice, it all became so very clear!”

Now, this is your permission slip for yourself to do the same. The most powerful transformation and deepest clarity will come by allowing yourself the journey of discovery!

After that you will be ready to give me a call so we can build your business together!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yes, I know what you are going to say... Of course profits are powerful, why would you want to write about the obvious? Because the obvious isn’t the ordinary!

Great people with great business ideas, passion and commitment does not equal profits. It is shocking yet true that most entrepreneurs are having difficulty making money with their business ventures.

Within the past two years I must have met at least 400 businesses of small to medium size with only 48% making any money.  Out of the 48% only a handful are generating profits. A gloomy reality and not in the least linked to lack of skill or capability.

So if this is the reality of entrepreneurs, how can you be one of the lucky handful of businesses actually seeing profitable returns on their efforts? Or better yet, how can the ratio be changed as a whole?

First, let me share the top 10 reasons why businesses are not making any profits:

    1.) Not knowing their own value
    2.) Not understanding their unique selling points
    3.) Not being clear on their target markets
    4.) Not managing staff effectively
    5.) Not managing their finances closely
    6.) Not having a plan
    7.) Not measuring anything
    8.) Not collaborating
    9.) Not outsourcing
    10.) Not making profits their #1 priority

Sometimes it only takes a little bit of tweaking here and there which can make all the difference in a business model. However, how do entrepreneurs know what they don’t know, until they know what they didn’t know? Because once they know, they can implement the vital changes to make their business profitable.

The only way to find out the essential tweaks for positive cash flow, is professional, knowledgeable, objective advice from a credible source. There you have it!

So if you are in business simply to kill time with no need of financial success, perfect! Continue with your hobby. But if you are really keen on making some good cash, don’t waste time on trying to work it out on your own, get professional advice!

What would YOU do with YOUR profits?