Friday, July 29, 2011


I recently had my quarterly make-over with my much trusted hairdresser. After mixing the colours she came back and asked:” Can I ask you a very personal question?” I really wasn’t sure what might come next but of course I said:” Go ahead!” And out she bursts with her question:” Have you had Botox recently? Your skin looks incredible!” Well, I was expecting everything but that.  Once I had recovered from the pleasant shock, I let her in on my secret.

I had recently done some research for an article on a super impressive Mompreneur who has built a business in all organic care products for women. She had the ‘balls’ to tackle a multi billion dollar market, undeterred by the big players and created products for the concerned consumer with clinically proven results exceeding 90% in overall skin improvement including fine lines and wrinkles!

At the time of my research, I was hugely impressed by this woman who at the age of 40 and expecting her first child, started a company from scratch that would provide what she had identified as a gap in the market - healthy, highly effective care products.

She assembled a team of executive investors who shared her vision and build a mission driven business that today provides skin and hair care products based on 100% powerful organic ingredients that offer proven results.

What impressed me the most was her bold approach to the idea. She understood that it would take an entire team, pots of cash to get it of the ground and experts in each field to make the success happen. She decided not to play SMALL but to go LARGE.

Today she heads up a business that she feels passionate about and offers products that make a difference in peoples lives.

After my research, I decided to put her products to the test! Well and the result - if even my own hairdresser who has known me for years thinks that I have invested 100’s of dollars in Botox, I simply rest my case.

So what can we learn from this story? If you have a dream, be undeterred. Put it into action even if at the beginning the odds look like they are staked up against you. Get a team behind you. You will not be able to go it alone. Get some cash behind you. It is imperative to have the money to pull it all off. Don’t compromise on quality - results will speak for itself!

And? Ask the question (my hairdresser will appreciate this) even if it means putting yourself out there. You will get information that could save you money and change your life! 

With that I wish you a Happy Summer!
(Botox-free) Conny

PS: And if you want to know the Power Cure that I discovered to keep the wrinkles at bay and save you $650, I am happy to share my secret, if you email with your three ideas on how to keep business natural!