Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have a wonderful new client that came to me through a special referral. The first time we met, she was telling me how she regretted not taking opportunities in the past due to her self-restricting comfort zone and maybe even a little fear of failure. Today she wished she had been more audacious.

Since my initial conversation with her, I seemed to be meeting lots of people from different walks of life in the beginning of this year, who share the same regrets.

One gentleman had the chance to become a Commercial Diver like his brother in-law. While he was tempted at the time, he found enough excuses not to take the training.

When I met him last week, he was still reminiscing about what could have been. Today he is struggling financially whilst his brother in-law has already retired, enjoying the rewards of his earlier courage.

For those of you sharing the feeling of regret about what could have or should have been, I have one simple message:

‘As much as we can’t change what has been or can control what will be, we have the power over ourselves as well as our choices. Therefore stop looking back and move forward by going for it today.


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